GEM Travel Club Beverly Hills Launch Par

Thank you for an amazing Night in Southern Spain!

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Experience what the future holds for members of GEM Travel Club Beverly Hills as we offer a taste of destinations around the world... starting with Southern Spain.

Experience Southern Spain like a local as our Beverly Hills industry experts connect you in real time to real local vendors & talent, showcasing the best of their Spanish region. Whet your appetite as you learn to create authentic Spanish dishes, dabble in Spanish language lessons, learn about their rich culture and enjoy genuine Spanish talent.

These fun-filled events are designed to connect you to the local communities around the globe offering a taste of the culture, the language, the food, the entertainment, the people and more as we learn to experience the world like a local … and then travel like one!  When you are ready, let GEM Travel Club Beverly Hills help jump-start your travel experiences safely with a dedicated GEM Travel Club Advisor who will work to customize the perfect trip for your interests & passions and guide you through the new ways of traveling post-pandemic.

GEM Travel Club Beverly Hills offers curated vacations & travel itineraries for individuals, groups or corporate passengers. For travel opportunities or more information about GEM Travel Club Membership benefits & future Club locations, Eat Speak Travel Customized Language & Culture Lessons, Boutique Concierge Services and other panelists, please visit & contact us here. Stay connected with future GEM Travel Club launch details by subscribing here.

Join us on Feb 26 as we officially launch GEM Travel Club Beverly Hills and discover how to experience Southern Spain like a local!

Thank you for an amazing Night in Southern Spain

FOLLOW UP - Travels to Spain - Discover the ways! - March 2021

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GEM Travel Club Beverly Hills Launch Par

Thank you for an amazing Night in Southern Spain!

FOLLOW UP - Travels to Spain - Discover the ways! - March 2021

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Featured Hidden GEMs of Spain

guia-en-sevilla-logo_w (1).png

I am an Official Tour Guide with fifteen years experience and a degree in Business and Tourism. I offer tours of my home city; Sevilla and surrounding villages like Ronda, Zahara de la sierra, Setenil ; these 3 are part of the white washed villages.


It is a real pleasure to share with visitors the rich history, the legends, the many unique heritage sites as well as the charming hidden corners of Seville.

I love meeting people and making them feel at home.

More about Maria here.

_MG_2830 (1).jpg

José Río,

Spanish Guitarist


Jose Rio, Seville Spain - GEM Travel Clu

Maria Ramirez

José Río

Featured Hidden GEMs of Beverly Hills

Naima Blasco


Boutique Concierge brings a vibrant, caring approach to a simple idea: free up your time and reduce your stress by removing those dreaded to-do lists. I’ll take care of all the tasks that keep you from being more productive, healthy and happy: Home Management, Daily To-Dos, Errands and Personal Shopping, Sourcing Service Providers, Office and Business Support, Travel Arrangements, and much more. No matter what your struggles may be, Boutique Concierge has a tailored solution for you.. "My purpose in life is to raise awareness about the necessity to have free time to play and rest, so people will feel inspired and empowered to make the indispensable changes to live a happy and fulfilling life."

More about Naima here.


Michael Fiorentino

eat speak travel.png

Language, Culture and Food are the greatest joys in life and I’ve spent the last 19 years teaching them to my students. My name is Michael Fiorentino and I provide highly customized lessons. American English: I specialize in Accent Reduction, Slang and Business English. Learn Italian: The language, the culture, the history, the food. Speak Spanish: The World’s second most spoken language.  Cooking Experience: Techniques and Recipes from around the world. History & Culture: Pick a period or culture and enjoy a customized lesson. Join me for one of a kind lessons you and your loved ones will remember forever!

More about Michael here.

Untitled design (6).png

Based in Los Angeles (and anywhere with strong Wi-Fi), Kim Ruggles Events LOVES to help clients step outside the box  to create stunning, one-of-a-kind events to help promote their story, brand, product and/or services without the added stress.   Using our 15 years of experience as an event-planner, we help you set the right goals and create a successful plan of action, so it’ll all look easy.  


Get ready to WOW your guests, impress colleagues, and play it off like you’ve done this for years.

More about Kim here.


Kim Ruggles

Thank you for an amazing Night in Southern Spain

FOLLOW UP - Travels to Spain - Discover the ways! - March 2021

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It's about community,

It's about trust,

It's about fun.

GEM travel Club's "A Night in Southern Spain," is the mission of Global Experiential Management coming to life; to help revive the travel, entertainment & hospitality driven industries, starting with our local Hidden GEMs. By supporting the local small business & vendors in the communities in which we work and live in, we create a ripple effect of success as we start to explore events & travel again..  With this one event, we are connecting our recommended local vendors & talent in Beverly Hills, Seville, Cordoba & Granada and introducing them to all our attendees considering travels to Southern California or Southern Spain.


GEM has established decades worth of relationships and we believe we succeed by helping others succeed.  We are a strong proponent of collaborations, strategic partnerships, giving back to our communities, as well as supporting & being engaged in our local economic development that impacts all of us.  GEM Travel Club Beverly Hills is a proud member of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. We appreciate that all of our strategic partners that have collaborated on this event, were born from our connections through the Beverly Hills Chamber.  If you are a business looking to connect with the finest business professionals in Beverly Hills, GEM highly recommends joining the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.  

GEM Travel Club is a proud sponsor of the Beverly Hills Chamber upcoming Spring Virtual Collaborative.  It's a great opportunity for promotional & networking opportunities for your business with incredible and entertaining content.  Be sure to stop by our booth for your chance to win great prizes! Or better yet... Why not join us as a fellow sponsor supporting our local small business community?

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