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GEM Travel Club offers you access to our exclusive travel industry discounts with lowest price guarantees from the backing of a globally reputable travel agency that has been in business for over 28 years.  That coupled with GEM's strategic partners, vendors and suppliers around the world provides endless opportunities to create whatever experience you can imagine in just about any location you desire.

We invite you to Join GEM Travel Clubs and re-engage your sense of adventure. There are plenty of opportunities available TODAY to travel and enjoy some rest & relaxation or reignite that adrenaline junkie within!


As a Member of GEM Travel Clubs, you will gain exclusive access to THE BEST TRAVEL & EXPERIENCE DISCOUNTS & OFFERS ON THE PLANET!  We'll keep you up-to-date with the latest travel regulations & guidelines world-wide.  All aspects of travel & events will be a little different, however, that shouldn't keep you from discovering the world!  As your Personal Travel Advisor, we will help ensure you are well-prepared and know what to expect BEFORE you travel.  While you are on your trip, we are only a phone call or email away should you need anything.

Economy Travel

You can book travel without joining GEM Travel Club!

While joining GEM Travel Club adds:

  • layers of confidence & protection for all your travel needs

  • exclusive discounts & offers for Members Only

  • your own personal Travel Advisor to contact directly before, during & after your travels should you need anything

  • and more...

Our Economy Travel provides a direct link allowing you to book your vacation online accessing hundreds - if not thousands - of discounts offered through our agent affiliation. It's not everything... but it's a LOT!

If you are ready to book your own travel itinerary, you will have access to many of our partner rates through the link below... All you have to do is CLICK HERE!

You do not have to join GEM Travel Clubs to receive lowest-price guaranteed rates for your travel.

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Peace of Mind Travel



  • A travel expert with the support, technology and connections of a globally reputable travel agency curating the vacation or event of your dreams

  • Will ensure you and your travelers are aware of and prepared for all safety measures, precautions, rules & regulations WORLD WIDE! 

  • Is available before, DURING and after your travels should you or your travelers need anything.

Stay Up-To-Date with Travel News



  • Vetted & up to date Travel News, Rules & Regulations at all times.

  • MEMBERS ONLY have RESEARCH INQUIRY OPTIONS to request information for global destinations

  • GEM Travel Club Members will be well informed and prepared before they travel with all the guidelines, regulations, policies and laws along their travel routes.

  • Member recommendations, tips & tricks for easier and peace of mind travel.

Members Only Discounts & Offers

  • Booking through GEM Travel Clubs provides industry-wide exclusive discounts world-wide

  • Direct Strategic Partners offer GEM Members exclusive complimentary upgrades & amenities, bonuses & discounts, when available, including private aviation and event production

  • GEM provides event gifting opportunities, prizes & giveaways to our Members regularly



Connect with other Travelers

  • Learn to "Experience it like a local!" and explore those "Hidden GEMs"

    • pre-travel virtual events

    • interactive educational opportunities

      • Language lessons

      • Culinary lessons

      • Shop local markets & more​​

    • Connect with locals in that city before you go​

  • Connect with like-minded travelers who enjoy the same destinations & activities

  • Join group excursions & travels

  • Curate your own group trips 



  • It's time to RE-ENGAGE the explorer in you

  • Learn how and where to travel safely

  • GEM Travel Club is a global tour guide at your fingertips

  • Lowest travel price guarantees

  • Exclusive offers & discounts for Members Only

  • Bonus Upgrades & Amenities for Members Only

  • No limit to the level of luxury GEM Travel Club can provide

  • Connect with GEM Travel Club Members around the globe

  • "Experience it Like a Local" wherever your journey takes you

  • GEM Travel Club will curate an experience of a lifetime

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