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We are family owned with three generations of our family members having lost their dream jobs in the entertainment & hospitality fields due to the pandemic. Two of which had just graduated from college, landing their dream jobs in the entertainment field after 20 years of dedication to their education & passion for dance; Twenty years of a single parent sacrificing for travel expenses, dance lessons, special schools, etc. and just as we reached our goals as a family, the pandemic took it all away... with loans still to pay. 

As our family always has, we made lemonade out of lemons and figured out a way to move forward.  2020 brought more lemons than one family should manage on their own. We've always been resourceful and able to spot a win/win connection for other collaborations as well as for our own. We realize that we grow faster together than we do apart. And so we started GEM.

The impact the closures have had on our economy and people's livelihoods around the globe is heartbreaking.  In this case, what went down must go up.  The travel industry is opening back up and is predicting record breaking numbers over the next few years. We found an opportunity to take advantage of that travel boom.... AND even better... We've found a way to show others how to take advantage of it as well ~ especially to help our fellow entertainers and all the businesses that support those fallen industries.

GEM Travel Club is a family friendly, grassroots, community-based travel club established in 2021 in response to the global pandemic that devastated our travel, entertainment & hospitality industries. We partner with collaborative spirits that embrace the same philosophy of succeeding by helping others succeed. 

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Download PDF version of flyer and share with local organizations in your community.  If you are signed up as an ITA, you will earn money when those that you share it with sign up as an ITA. Earn $50 immediately with additional commission & bonus opportunities as they work their business.  $50 is paid weekly - If they enroll by Sunday, you get paid Thursday! It's another great way to make money with the GEM Travel Club team!