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Global Experiential Management LLC is a complete Travel Advisor & Concierge Service provider for all enthusiasts from the Novice to experienced World Travelers. We cater to every traveler's desire from Ultra Luxury with exclusive once in a lifetime opportunities to providing lowest price guarantees for our most cost-conscious adventure seekers.

While we find ourselves fortunate to be in the business of helping people's travel dreams come true, that's not our only driving force for success. Every business has it's "why"...  Here is ours... 

Covid-19 world pandemic of 2020 impacted every nation around the globe and our hearts go out to all those whose lives have been lost to this tragic disease. It has also had a tragic impact to livelihoods worldwide. While a large percentage of businesses and industries everywhere have been shut down, some even permanently, none have been devastated to the extent as the Travel, Hospitality & Entertainment industries.

It is our mission to help revive those industries by empowering travelers everywhere to reengage their passion and start charting their course once again. Through GEM Travel Club, we hope to remind everyone of the good old days of how our family vacations and celebrations brought us together.  Not just your household, but extended family and friends.  It's time to get back to our roots of connecting with our families and our neighbors again, and build back our communities together.  What better way to connect with people than through the love of travel and adventure! Some are ready to travel now, some not. We have something for everyone to enjoy.  Discover more about GEM Travel Club here.

It's never too early to start looking & booking your dream vacation. We have advisors & partners around the world ready to assist with every aspect of your travel to ensure the safest and most carefree experience that you and your loved ones deserve.  We will guide you with Covid-19 travel do's & don'ts, best places to travel at any given time, and we are always just a phone call away while you are traveling should you encounter any issues that may arise.

In addition, we are in a very unique position to offer an opportunity to join the travel industry as an independent travel advisor, creating income earning avenues for anyone with a passion for traveling and a desire to help make others' travel dreams come true. With the availability of a vaccine, the Travel industry will open up quickly. There has never been a better time to be prepared. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please share our Career Opportunities and share the possibilities!

We are extremely proud of the relationships that we have built over the years with all of our partners, all of whom are considered family. We have a philosophy of achieving success by helping others succeed. We are happy to connect liked-minded individuals and organizations for strategic partnership opportunities leading to Unique Ventures across the globe. If you have an interest in a partnership, please contact us via email. We appreciate your interest and will be happy to review the opportunity.

What we are most proud of is our partnerships with the true Dream Makers of the world. We are proud to support non-profit organizations that encourage inclusion and share opportunities that provide a pathway to success in the Travel, Entertainment & Hospitality industries to those in need of a hand up. For more information about our GEM Dream Makers, please contact us.

Thank you for taking a tour ... We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Safe travels...

Global Experiential Management

GEM Travel Club

Lockdowns & Job Losses Spark our Founder's WHY Behind GEM

A note from our founder...


Some careers 20 years in the making, gone with Covid-19 lockdowns.


My immediate family alone has three generations that lost their jobs in the entertainment and hospitality fields due to mandated closures.  I spent the last twenty years raising my daughters as a single parent, often working three jobs at once to provide the opportunities for them to succeed in their chosen field of entertainment.  I taught them through example the lesson of working hard to achieve their goals, paying their dues, shooting for the stars and not stopping until they get there.  And they did it!


Twenty years of dance lessons and family sacrifices made with the end goal of securing scholarships and ultimately landing their dream jobs that they worked so hard to secure. Both graduated with honors in 2019, one with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Commercial Dance in Los Angeles, signed with an agent and contracted as a performer on a major cruise line, and the other, on a full academic scholarship to a top business school in New York City earning a BA in Arts & Entertainment Management was offered a managing director role for a large dance company in NYC before graduating. But without warning and almost simultaneously they were instantly unemployed. Both had the rug pulled out from underneath them with little hope of returning to their highest point in those fields again for some time… if ever. 


That is the story of millions of workers in the travel, entertainment and hospitality industries that need our help now more than ever!

I have several other family members impacted by the closures including my mother who is also still furloughed from her job as an esthetician.

It's easy for some to classify performing arts, cruises and facials as "entertaining luxuries" we can forego for the sake of humanity.  But what is lost on those that don't realize the gravity are the livelihoods being taken away from people who struggled, some for decades to earn those jobs and most won't get them back.  Of all jobs lost in the US this past year due to the pandemic, 39% were in travel-dependent leisure & hospitality.  That's also the #1 employer!

Read more on job losses and statistics for the Travel industry here.

GEM was founded with the hope of reigniting the travel, entertainment & hospitality fields, not only by engaging travelers and offering peace of mind travel with a Personal Travel Advisor...   But also by creating jobs for those who are displaced from this global pandemic and need either something temporarily to get them through or perhaps a new career that will allow you to get paid to travel!

We are happy to introduce those entrepreneurial spirits with a passion for travel to our Independent Travel Agent opportunity where your income potential is 100% up to you.  No quotas to meet, no capped commission, work part-time or full-time from ANYWHERE!  We have opportunities in every region across the United States, so if you or anyone you know that might be perfect for this opportunity, please apply and/or forward our GEM Careers page to them!

Let's work together to get ALL industries back to work!